Saturday, June 28, 2014

4th Anniversary + Summer • R E D A N G T R I P

 Finally I have time to update my blog!
It has been busy for few weeks before..
and what I wanna write about today was my summer beach Redang trip! weehee
I have been waiting for this trip for so long 
cuz is like decade i never went to any beach arghhh can you imagine..
and one of the main point I plan this trip is for celebrating our 4th anniversary
and also of course it's summer time, you know it ! :p

Day 1 - 2014.05.30, 9:00am

Since we want to travel as a budget trip, we travel there by bus.
We take the 10pm bus on 29th and we reach here in 5am something..
It is so early that we have to wait for 3 hours more for my boat to Redang.

Luckily the time passess quite fast and after waiting for some time,
we managed to get in the first boat in the morning ! so happy! haha

so sorry if my face looks pale
cuz it's beach trip so I don't think it's necessary to makeup
since it's big possibily i will soak my face inside the water :p


after 1 hour and 45 minutes, we finally reached the island!
First thing to do of course is take a selfie haha


after taking our lunch, we need to wait for our first snorkeling trip on 2pm.
But I cannot wait anymore, watching the clear crystal water of the sea
and the soft sand when you walking on the beach,

so we run towards the beach and start taking pictures! hahaha...
although you know, how's the sun on 12pm 
but I don't even feel any heat after I step into the sea water.

It's feel like heaven when you're at the beach. Don't ya think :p



and finally, it is dinner time and it is our bbq time!
I was at first very excited about this,
but then sad to say that the outcome of the food is not that nice as expected
it is so hot and smokes all around when we bbq
and the seafood is somehow tasteless...hmmm....


after bbq dinner, is time to have a walk and chill..
we came across a very nice place.

This is so called Redang Beach Resort that just located beside the place i stayed.
It's somehow looks like a resident area but it's actually a resort...
It feels so nice to stay awwwwww....
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after some walk, it is chilling time.
Listening live singing in the Laguna's cafe.
We wanted to drink some coconut juice but the waiter there say it was sold out. too bad.


 change location to chill at another place.
Order a apple cider to chill...
 argh drinking this beside the beach feels so nice! :p
But it cost me about MYR 20 for this.. O.O

and I start hungry again, cuz I not really eating much bbq just now.
The Chinese food here is not really cheap too,
but surprisingly it taste better than i expected. Satisfied! 

Day 2 - 2014.05.31, 7:00am

Our breakfast time is on 7am in the moning.
After having our breakfast, is time to take some pictures!

finally we manage to shot this follow me picture
which is so well known lately.. hee.. mission accomplised!

this photo remind me of this song

-  I I follow, I follow you deep sea baby. I follow you -

If you heard it before heee..


Is time to go snorkeling again..
You must be wondering why I didn't take any photos for the snorkeling session,
 It's actually not that convenience to take anything out when go out the sea,
although the scenery when heading to the place we snorkeling is so so beautiful.. arghh... =(

and we didn't know there's a place to rent underwater camera so ahh just so wasted. I know right.
I wish I can own a Go Pro so so soon so I can take pictures with the fishes next time!
Okay, my next target camera, Go Pro! :p

credit this photo to the owner. just wanna show you all some fishes photos of the Redang sea.


Just realise that I didn't take much photos of the place I stayed.
Here you go! The Lagoon Redang Resort =)
It's more to Malay style of chalet.

 Photo session again! :p
One of my favorite photos there

It's actually reference from a Victoria's Secret summer shooting of Candice Swanepoel
Argh.. Don't blame me of copying it 
cuz Im simply so inlove with the brand and their Super HOT model


After dinner, is night time chilling again

Day 3 - 2014.06.01, 7:00am

Arghh so fast that is the last day of the trip already! so sadd =(
Before leaving, we went for taking pictures again! :p

Captain America couple shirt ♥ 


Is time to packup things and go home.
Waiting our boat to travel back to the main land.
Chill and have an Ochado Jasmine Green tea heee

Redang Trip - End.

I wish I can at least go to the beach once in a year! Especially on summer!
In love with the crystal clear water and the soft sand ~
 Let's save money for next year Summer trip and of course Go Pro! :p

- Earn Hard, Travel Hard -