Saturday, February 22, 2014

H A P P Y 2 3 T H B I R T H D A Y • H

Finally I have time to blog about my birthday on last month!
Happy Belated 23th birthday to myself 
can't believe I'm that old already... *cries* 

Anyway, thanks for the man that help me celebrate earlier before my birthday.
that was on 4th Jan which is Saturday.
Went to Starhill Gallery for our lunch
The very first dimsum I ate at KL
the restaurant call Luk Yu Tea House & Restaurant

The Jasmine tea there was amazing!
In love with it so much
It smells so good and really nice when you drink it
It is so far the best Jasmine tea I drink in KL

After finish our lunch, continue our second stop
the cafe that is very trendy recently, Tous Les Jous
which is a Bakery plus cafe origin from Korea

The environment there is so nice! In love with the place
It is a nice place to relax and take photos hehe
Tried one of their cake, it taste nice too (since Im not a cake lover)

and lastly, heading to our dinner place; Ben's

Since we're still quite full that time 
so just plan to sitting there and enjoy the view

Little hang out birthday dinner with the girls
Thanks for sweet and nice dinner
and the lovely gift from you two. *touched*

My first birthday ice-cream !
which people who know me knows I don't eat cake.
*I know ima a weird girl*

Hearts you two much much!

Finally birthday hightea chilling with the ex-classmate
our chocolate fountain haha!
Looks nice but it taste okay

Enjoy the lunch with you girls after long time not meeting.
nearly lost all updates with them
Everybody is busy with their work and life,
really hope can meet you all soon Cha group members!


Thanks to the man that giving so much love to me

Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Family Singapore Trip !

Oh my my. It has been a year since i update in this blog.
The last thing I blog about is my birthday, so yeah, already 1 year.
Suddenly feels like blogging about my Singapore trip with my lovely family.
I have bought a camera called ZR1000 since this july
and super love it cuz it seriously take nice pictures! :D
anyway, gonna start my real topic now.

Thanks to my super great dad, we managed to have a family trip together
and the place we are staying is the Marina Bay Sands Hotel
which is quite well known at Singapore that the top of the building is a ship.
It was super excited that time cuz it is the first time me and my sis staying in such beautiful hotel.
Yeah, it is totally out first time. Don't doubt about it. 

The corridor which in orange colour is the suite corridor

The building was seriously amazing,
look at the architecture design... Seriously a piece of art building!

The first meal me and my sis ate, Korean food!
Quite a big fan of Korean food here since I'm a Kpop fans! haha
It taste nice! and surprisingly the staff of the stall is all Korean, wow!
Seriously you can hardly see Korean working at Malaysia Korean restaurant ady,
most of them are bangla.. which I don't really happy about...
But anyway, the food is nice! and very satisfy!

This is the mall that is attached with the Hotel,
it is super huge buiding too!
But yeah, all the shops are super expensive branded shop
which I can just afford to see but not buy @@

This is what people call Garden by the Bay 
which is the view of my hotel room! Lucky right? hehe..

We are ready to visit the swimming pool !!
Oh yeah! This is what me and my sis has been waiting for so long!

You know what,
you can simply snap any photos there 
and the outcome is still will be awesome. Trust me.
Super like the night view there.

Attending cousin's wedding dinner on the next day!
Like the wedding design so much!
The whole theme looks so romantic and warm.
it has many small candles light up on the tables which makes the theme really beautiful.
I hope my wedding is that nice too in the future... hehe

My super cute mum with her 4 daughthers. 
The youngest one just slip away when im pressing the shuttle button.. @@

Family photos after the wedding dinner when reach hotel.
Really huge Christmas Tree i can say..

Trying to enjoy the last moment in the jacuzzi before heading back to Malaysia.

You can see the view of whole Singapore when u walk to the end of swimming pool.

When the Sun comes out...

Visit one of the temple in singapore which you can pray for more $$$ hahaha!

Photo with The Flyer

This is the end of my Singapore Trip!
I will surely miss this place!

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